Month: November 2019

How to take pictures like a pro on avakin life 📸

Thanks for watching!

I’ve been getting asked a lot on how my wife and I get such amazing profile pictures instead of explaining we decided to show you.

I hope this was a huge help for beginners and even vets to the game.
As I said before starting this will take time so just be patient☺️
And have fun doing this *makes it go by faster*

~dances that were used in the video~
For him
1. Detonation
2. Everybody’s swingin
3. Guitar solo

For her
1. Feel the music (2x)
2. Focus on me
3. See you move dance

Quick note: you don’t always have to use dance moves to get a good picture
You can use poses, that might actually be easier if your just starting👍🏻

Music by William singe


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